Natalia Damini & Lil Wayne Collaboration

Letter On a Bullet Train


01. Pisces Feel The Music ft Tommy Love
02. Kiss It ft Wade B
03. Far Away
04. Flashing Lights ft Alahin
05. Feeling The Love ft Alahin

06. Buy me a Bottle ft Shop Boyz
07. Hot Fire ft Nicki Minaj

08. Tip Her Good ft Gucci Mane, Rezzo

09. Can’t be without you ft Mister Jam

10. Storm Warning ft cory jones
11. Color Blind
12. Falling Down
13. Letter On A Bullet Train ft Cory Jones
14. Runaway
15. Sheer Heaven

16. One More Chance

17. Hot Fire ft Nicki Minaj (Jim Jones, Sonny Rich)

 CAN'T BE WITHOUT YOU ft. Mister Jam

Tribute To Paul Walker  "I was deeply sad about the death of Paul Walker, and I send all my prayers to his family and friends.. It's very sad when good people are taken so early.. But he gave so much of himself to help others..."              Natalia Damini

Natalia Damini

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